cover design

Cover Design

With thousands of new titles introduced every year, competition for a buyers' attention is fierce. Your book has less than five seconds to capture their interest. A strong cover can be the difference between being selected for consideration and being passed over. In fact, some buyers make their decisions solely on the cover; if they're not attracted to it, they will assume that their customers won't be either. Furthermore, the cover is used as a marketing tool by sales representatives and distributors. You have one chance to make that crucial impression. That's why a strong and enticing cover design is critical to every book's success. has vast experience in strategic book cover design. We understand the interplay of typography, color, graphics and textures and how to manipulate them for maximum impact. We do not offer various levels of cover design service­­-every cover project gets the same degree of design expertise.

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Cover Copy

No one will know that your book is well-written, well-designed, and well-edited if the cover copy doesn't convince them to look inside. With over 300,000 books produced every year cover copy is one of the most important marketing elements in getting the attention of buyers and readers alike. Savvy authors know to leave this critical task in the hands of the professional copywriters at Our copywriting services can directly increase the profitability of your book by crafting promotional cover copy that closes the sale. We can write original cover copy from scratch, including hardcover flaps, back cover copy, author bio and keynote, or transform the material you provide into copy that makes your book a must-read. Our copywriters are skilled at crafting succinct and compelling hooks and writing cover copy that distills your book into a few crisp sentences of tantalizing, vivid prose.