You have something to say’s publicity services can help you get your book as much media exposure as possible, and in doing so, sell more books and enhance your stature as an author. We develop a message strategy that positions you as a highly credible authority in your field and your book as a newsworthy publication. We know how to leverage all forms of media, including print, television, radio and the Internet, to get your book widespread coverage.

Press release writing $360

The main public relations tool we use is press releases. We craft properly formatted, attention-grabbing and informative press releases and distribute them to targeted lists of media contacts on your behalf. Our press releases are designed to motivate the media to make you and your book the subject of news stories and features.

Press release distribution $495’s press distribution system enhances the impact of your press releases. We will put together a list of media outlets that target your market. This will be based on your specific subject, genre and topics. Our distribution service will help you increase sales, get more leads, and increase your website traffic.

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Press release & distribution package
$630.00’s press distribution system enhances the impact of your press releases. This package offers savings over purchasing these services individually. Our package includes the following:

U.S National Distribution
(2) Target/Trade Categories